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Argus has linked physicians together in a "Physician Purchasing Co-Op" to maximize negotiating leverage for virtually all supplies and services physicians in private practice need. In addition, the Co-Op has a Malpractice Insurance Purchasing Pool and provides PPO Contracting and Credentialing for the top PPOs in S. California and offers marketing opportunities to its physician members.



  • Purchasing Discounts: Argus provides physicians the purchasing power of a nationwide physician "Group Purchasing Organization" through our affiliation with GroupSource. Discounts range from 30% to 50% on supplies, furniture, and equipment to 10% to 20% on over 40 different purchased services including cell phones, answering services, and transcription. In addition to great discounts, GroupSource's monthly fees are waived for Argus clients.

  • PPO Credentialing and Contracting: Argus provides credentialing and contracting for over 20 of the top PPOs in S. California. Physician members can be assured that they are enrolled in all of the top networks at competitive rates.

  • Malpractice Discounts: Argus has a purchasing pool of over 140 physicians with over 20 years of significantly better than average claims history. Argus' malpractice carrier is MIEC, which is one of the top rated malpractice carriers. In addition to a discount of 30%, our clients enjoy numerous other benefits which can be just as important including full claims made coverage, locums tenens coverage, consent to settle, defense limits in a addition to coverage limits, reimbursement at trials, separate limits for corporate liability, reimbursement for Medical Board proceedings and hearings, "Nose" coverage including for out of state physicians, favorable "free tail" provisions, discounts for part time physicians, temporary per diem coverage without tail liability, no surcharges for NPs or PAs.



  • Supplies and purchased services: The physician office works directly with vendors for ordering, receiving, service, etc. Argus links the physician office to Argus' master contracts.

  • PPO Contracting: The physician works directly with PPOs including billing, payments, authorizations, etc. Argus links the physician to Argus' rates.

  • Malpractice Discounts: The physician works directly with Argus' preferred malpractice carrier but is linked to our master contract rates.



  • One Stop Credentialing: Physicians complete the Argus credentialing package ONCE. Argus enters the physician's data into our credentialing system which is pre-mapped to automatically generate forms for all major PPOs, IPAs and hospitals in the region.

  • Vendor Audits: Our Group Purchasing Affiliate (GroupSource) automatically audits vendor invoices to ensure our physicians are receiving the correct discounts on their purchases. Physicians receive summary and detail reports on purchases and savings.

Other optional services (for additional fees):

  • Hospital and IPA Credentialing: Our system is pre-mapped to most hospitals and IPAs in the region to automatically generate your applications.

  • Marketing: Argus can post your physician "Bio-Card" on our web-site and print high quality Bio-Cards for physicians to distribute in their offices, etc.

  • CAQH: Argus will input the initial physician credentialing data into CAQH as required for select PPOs. Physicians will still need to do the quarterly attestations.

  • Insurance: Argus affiliated brokers can help physicians save money on health, dental, life, disability, workers' compensation and general liability insurance.



Initial (one time) Membership Fee of $950 per physician to join and annual fees of $500 per year. Physicians on the Malpractice Program also pay a 5% (of premium) Risk Management fee (and still save 30% to 40% on their insurance). Argus' Billing Clients receive free membership in the Physician Purchasing Co-Op.





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