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"I am a general surgeon in the Orange County area and have been in practice locally for about 8 years. During that time I've utilized numerous billing companies for my medical practices and surgery centers. I've found that the smaller 'mom and pop' models tend to be reliant on one or two members of that company which leads to instability. And,some of the larger 'national' firms tend to try and manage my account remotely.

About 2 years ago I was looking for a local, comprehensive option for my billing, EHR and practice management. I inquired with the Orange County Medical Association and was referred to Argus. For the past 18 months, Argus has supported my EHR, billing and collections, meaningful use, human resources and my employees, along with my bookkeeping and bill pay. I feel strongly that I'm getting what I pay for and have direct, person-person access to any of the members of my team. This type of service is such a weight off my shoulders and allows me to enjoy the important parts of my practice. I would highly recommend Argus to other physicians in our region."

Todd S. Harris, MD.

Board Certified in General Surgery

Medical Director, California Hernia Specialists

Physician Practice Management Services
Argus Clients generally fall into these categories:
  • Physicians
  • Medical Groups
  • Hospitals, IPAs, Medical Groups or other HealthCare Organizations that want to provide physician practice management services to affiliated physicians.
  • Physician Billing Companies
Are you a Physician?

Argus provides the following services to physicians:

Are you a Medical Group?

Is your Medical Group growing in complexity with increasing overhead costs? Argus can provide the following services to simplify your management and reduce your overhead:

Are you a Hospital, IPA, ACO, Medical Group or other HealthCare Organization?

Are you looking to tie your physicians in through practice management services or a Medical Foundation Model? Argus can provide the following turnkey MSO services.

Click here for our MSO Services (full range of physician practice management).

Are you a Physician Billing Company?

Learn how Argus can enable you with state of the art billing and EMR technology, help you provide value added services to your clients and help you dramatically lower your costs.

Click here for our ASP Model for Billing Companies.

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