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Many smaller physician billing companies today are challenged to upgrade to a more enhanced practice management system that includes EMR in order to retain their client base. Obstacles include the large up front financial investment, the specialized personnel to support EMR, and the resources to transition their current clientele to a new system. Billing companies are also challenged to differentiate themselves from other billing companies and not be viewed as a “commodity” as well as being continuously challenged to lower their fees in a competitive market. Argus Medical Management can help billing companies transition to a state of the art physician practice management company with virtually no up front cost, and provide support during and after the conversion. Argus can also help them significantly lower their cost structure through Business Process Outsourcing and efficient technologies. In addition, Argus can help them diversify and build client loyalty through value added physician practice management services..


Argus is a certified reseller for the state of the art web-based Harris CareTracker. Argus can provide this system to other billing companies with volume discounts. The billing company will provide all billing and collection functions on the system – Argus only provides training and support.


Billing companies utilizing Harris CareTracker through Argus can take advantage of accessing Argus’ Outsourcing affiliate in India. Argus has over 5 years experience with the affiliate on Harris CareTracker PM for most physician specialties with excellent results and significant cost savings. The Billing Company deals directly with the Outsourcing Company and only utilizes Argus for initial set up.


Billing Companies utilizing the Harris CareTracker System through Argus can also provide these value added services to their physician clients:

  • Group Purchasing Discounts of 30% to 50% on supplies, furniture and equipment
  • Group Purchasing Discounts of 10% to 20% on different services such as telephone, answering services and transcription
  • Discounts of 30% on medical malpractice insurance
  • Credentialing and PPO Contracting
  • Argus can name brand a physician portal on behalf of the Billing Company


  • The Billing Company remains in complete control. They still hold the contracts with their physician clients and control all aspects of billing and collections. Argus only provides training and support.
  • The Billing Company gains access to a state of the art web-based fully integrated practice management – EMR system at little or no start up cost other than training. In addition the Billing Company can access the Harris CareTracker System with volume based discounts for the monthly system fees by going through Argus.
  • The Billing Company can use Argus for assistance in converting existing clients and for EMR technical support.
  • The Billing Company gains access to new sources of revenue for value added services that can build loyalty with their client base.
  • The Billing Company has the option to utilize low cost high quality outsourcing resources to improve quality and reduce cost.


  • Harris Caretracker


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