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ProHealth Partners is a truly unique opportunity for physicians looking to combine the independence and autonomy of private practice with the purchasing and negotiating leverage of a large group. ProHealth is a “Group without Walls” model professional corporation. ProHealth doctors are managed by Argus.


  • Argus has helped over 50 physicians develop full practices.
  • See the “Starting a Practice in ProHealth” example.


  • To preserve the physician – patient relationship. To be the patient advocate.
  • To preserve the independence that physicians enjoyed in private practice.
  • To give the physician the ability to control his or her own destiny.
  • To provide physicians the contracting and purchasing leverage to thrive economically.


  • Decisions on referrals to other physicians (with the exception of closed PPO / IPA panels, etc.).
  • Decisions as to what types of patients to see, eg. by payer (HMO/ PPO/ MediCare, etc.), by age bracket (what age limits), with due respect and compliance to all State and Federal discrimination prohibitions.
  • Decisions as to which hospitals to join or admit to.
  • Decisions as to where to set up office (or offices).
  • Decisions as to the management of their office(s) including who to hire in their office(s).
  • Decisions as to the cost and expenses of their offices including how many staff to hire and what to pay them, how large an office and all other expenses incurred in their offices.
  • Decisions as to hours to work, vacation schedule, etc. (with adequate provisions for patient coverage).


  • 100% of collections generated by ProHealth physicians are allocated to the physician.
  • All of the expenses incurred by the physician (the physician has control over all expenses) are also allocated to the physician.
  • The physician’s income is the excess of collections over expenses (just like in Private Practice).


  • ProHealth physicians are actually W-2 Employees of ProHealth.
  • The staff in the physician’s office are Argus employees and are charged back to the physicians at cost.
  • All expenses for the office are paid by Argus and charged back to the physician at cost.
  • Physician related expenses (eg. benefits, malpractice, car expenses) are paid through ProHealth and charged back to the physician at cost.
  • Physicians can run legitimate business expenses (eg. auto expenses, CME, entertainment, etc.) through ProHealth and receive the same tax benefits as being in private practice.
  • Argus charges for billing and management fees at standard rates, which are offset from collections.
  • Physicians pay no fees to ProHealth, all collections are first offset against expenses, and the remainder of collections in excess of expenses are paid to the physician as income.
  • Physicians take a “draw” for salary every two weeks.
  • At the end of the month the physicians total collections and expense are reconciled. If they have more collections than their draw and expenses they can take the entire amount as a bonus. If the expenses and draw exceed the collections the physician can no longer take a draw until the “deficit” is made up (just like in private practice).
  • ProHealth has available health, dental, life and disability insurance as well as a profit sharing, Pension Plan and 401k Plan.


ProHealth allows physicians the flexibility of expanding their practice by hiring or sub-contracting with other physicians, NPs, or PAs, to handle increased volume, resulting in greater profitability / income.


  • ProHealth has hospitalist and call coverage options available for primary care physicians looking to spend more time away from their practice.
  • ProHealth has options for physicians to work part time and recruit other physicians, NPs or PA, to fill the void.


  • ProHealth has models for physicians to sell / transition their practice to another physician within ProHealth.
  • ProHealth can buy practices from retiring physicians and transition the practice to a new ProHealth physician.


  • Physician shareholders in ProHealth have the right to leave ProHealth and go back into Private Practice with 60 days notice.
  • No non-compete or non-solicitation penalties.
  • Physicians can take their charts.
  • Physicians can re-hire the staff in their offices.
  • Physicians can take their furniture and equipment with them.
  • Physicians can contract with Argus for practice management services outside of ProHealth.


ProHealth charges physicians no fees. However all physician costs are allocated back to the physicians including Employer Payroll Taxes. Argus charges for billing and management fees at standard rates.



Contact Person: Rob Boullon


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